PC Repair:

We solve PC and Mac desktop and laptop hardware and software issues. We provide a services for your computer issues at our office in beautiful downtown Astoria, or on site.


Your data is important. Can you imagine if you lost all of your data? Thats why it is recommended that you backup your data often. MossyTech can setup and maintain your crucial backups. We can even backup your data offsite on our secure servers, using the latest security protocols, to avoid data loss in the case of a natural disaster, flood, or fire. Has your data been compromised? If you've lost your crucial data, MossyTech can help.


MossyTech has extensive knowledge working with Networks and Servers. We can handle your networking upgrades and full implementations. We are also very experienced with advanced networking. We have experience configuring simple home networks to complex corporate networks with multiple layers of security.

Business Contracted Services:

One of the most valuable services that MossyTech provides, is a all inclusive "Outsourced IT" option for businesses. MossyTech can save you money by being proactive, and enabling your organization to function as if you had on staff IT department, without the added cost. MossyTech can ensure your backups are happening properly, and are successful, we can ensure you have the latest security updates, as well as provide support for your staff with basic computing functions such as Microsoft Office and QuickBooks.